Complete First Draft – New Players’ Corner

Greetings Methuselahs!

Well, after a fair amount of writting and editing behind the scenes, I’m finally ready to show the complete first draft of the New Players’ Corner.  All eight sections that I outlined have been answered, and each contains a number of links to the wonderful resources available in the community, including VTES ONE, TWDA, the Gentleman Gamer, and a number of articles rescued from The Lasombra’s site, among others.

So, what remains to be done?  Well, I’m currently working on is a quick-start guide for VTES.  I hope to effectively make a simplified version of the rules along with examples of core concepts like stealth + intercept.  With luck, this guide along with the old demo document put out by White Wolf will be enough to get people started.  My goal is to provide new players with enough information that they can start to use the rulebook as a reference document (which it is great for) rather than as a way of learning the game (which it is terrible for).  I’m also hoping that the fantastic new rule book will be finished soon so I can link to it rather than the old plain text version on the VEKN site.

I’m also doing some research about errata / text migrations in the game.  There is no current list of which cards have been updated (that I can find) on VEKN, Secret Library, VTES ONE, or the archives.  New players are effectively told to learn the new card text on the fly, or to check the current wording of all their cards on Secret Library before playing.  So I’m attempting to collect all of the cards that have had substantial card text changes (I’m excluding different wordings that function identically, and am focusing on cards whose effects are subtly or significantly different), along with a list of which sets have the outdated card text, and which have the correct card text.  It’s slow going (as you might expect).  I would love to have somebody check over my current list, and let me know if they can think of any cards that I’ve missed.

I’m also looking to update the VEKN link page.  I would love to point new players to it and tell them that it’s a great collection of information about the game.  But it just isn’t in it’s present form.  Too many sites just don’t exist anymore.  I think that clicking through them gives a very bad impression, so I’m trying to put together a list of active sites and not active but still operational sites.

So that’s what I’m up to with the beginner section, but there are two important pieces that I think we should include, but I’m just not qualified to write them.  Those are short guides on how to get started with JOL and LackeyCCG.  We don’t really need information on how to install and get things set up from a technical perspective (those are already nicely provided by both services).  Instead, I’d love to have a short guide about how to play VTES on these platforms – how do you build a deck, join a game, play cards, add or subtract blood.  If you would be interested in writing a short article to show new players how to use and enjoy VTES online, then please post below!

How can you help?  Well, the more eyes that look at this mammoth document and provide feedback the better.  We need to look at all this information with the eyes of a new player – this might be the first place that interested players go for their information.  It needs to be compelling and complete, yet simple enough not to drive people off.  That’s been my goal, but I doubt I’ve quite hit the mark, and I would sincerely appreciate comments and ideas!  You can post your suggestions to this page, or on facebook or VEKN (once it’s back up, of course).  I know there is a lot of text, but reading through it and commenting will really help get useful information into the hands of new players and will help expand our community.  Thanks for your hard work!

Until next time, may your bleeds never be bounced, and all your votes pass!



8 thoughts on “Complete First Draft – New Players’ Corner

    • Thank you! Any other resources that you use that a new player would find useful? Maybe resources that your local playgroup uses (I certainly wouldn’t know about any that aren’t in English!)? Thanks again!


    • That would be absolutely great! Although I do have to warn you that it’s currently in a draft stage. So there are liable to be some (hopefully minor) changes before it’s ready to go on the VEKN site. But if you’re ok with the translation being a little different than the final product, then go for it! Maybe we could have the VEKN host the beginner page in multiple different languages!


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