Introduction of a VTES League

Greetings Methuselahs,

Sorry that this article is late – I’ve been on vacation, and I really try to avoid the internet while I’m away.  Now, I don’t usually talk about the local VTES scene here in California, but today’s article is just an announcement of a VTES league that will kick off shortly and end just before I move away.  My apologies to those who live outside the greater San Francisco area, but some of you may be interested to see how this league gets organized and executed.  I’ll make sure to post some final thoughts once this league is finished, so that people can steer clear of any mistakes.  With that, let’s get right to it, shall we?


San Francisco Bay Area VTES League

Every game of VTES you play from the beginning of April until the end of June (including the tournament on April 2!) will earn you points for the league.  At the end of June, the top 5 players in the league will gather for a single final round to determine the winner!  If an appropriate date can’t be found for this final round in a reasonable amount of time, then prizes will be awarded based simply off each player’s standing in the league.  There is no fee required to participate, and the games will not be played with any special rules.  All you need to do is come and play VTES!

Who can participate in the league?

There are three play groups in the area that I know of – centered in Berkeley, Santa Clara, and Lodi.  All games played by players in those groups count!  So if you want to wrack up more points, you can play games with the other groups from time to time.  If other games happen in the area, they’ll certainly be included as well!  The only VTES games that won’t be included are online games.

Did you mention prizes?

Why yes I did.  Everybody who participates will receive a free booster pack (either Kindred Most Wanted, Ebony Kingdom, or Sword of Caine).  In addition, the following prizes will also be available:

  • Champion: Whoever wins the final table (or first place in league points if no final table) will receive a Third Edition booster pack and a custom League Edge token!  It’s still being worked on, but it is likely to be a 2-3″ diameter custom glass edge token.  If that plan falls through, I’ll instead offer an an expensive rare card like Heart of Nizchetus!  I’ll post more information (and pictures!) as soon as I have it.
  • Finalists: Every other player at the final table (or the 2nd through 5th place finishers if no final table) will receive a Third Edition booster pack.
  • Victor: The player with the best Win/Loss ratio who also didn’t win any of the above prizes will receive a Third Edition booster pack.
  • Enthusiast: The player who played the most games and didn’t win any of the above prizes will receive a Third Edition booster pack.
  • Random Pick: A random player will also receive 1x Villein!

So how do I get points in the league?

Each time you play a game of VTES, you will be awarded points according to the chart below.

  • 4 points per game you play
  • Points equal to the number of VP you earn
  • 1 point if you receive the GW

How will you record games that you aren’t present for?

Here is where I’ll need some extra help.  If I’m not present for a game, the only way that it can be recorded is if somebody reports it to me.  I suggest either that whoever wins the game is responsible for recording it, or that each group nominate somebody who will record games in my absence.  What I need to know is who participated and how many VP’s each player accumulated.  You can send me a message on facebook, or post your results to the Powerbase: Berkeley facebook page.

How can I find out what my league standing is?

I’ll keep track of all games on this google document, so you can always see exactly how many points you’ve accumulated!


Until next time, wrack up those league points!



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