The Minion Phase

Greetings Methuselahs,

I just returned from an awesome tournament yesterday.  Sadly my Anti-Ventrue Anti Vote deck did not take the day.  Worse it failed take away even a single title (although the joking threat of the Ancient Grudge did spook one player pretty bad).  But all of that is for another day.  If you are interested in seeing my Ant-Vote deck fall on its face a few times, you can read an excellent tournament summary on ICLee’s Blog.  Today, I want to present the first part of my three part series on how to play the game.  As a reminder, part II will be about the turn order and part III is on combat.  Once all three parts are ready, I’ll compile them into a New Player’s Guide.  Please read through it and let me know how useful this is – did I forget something?  Did I explain something poorly?  Any suggestions you make will be greatly appreciated, and will help new players as they try to figure out our complicated and beloved game.  Enjoy!


This guide has been moved to it’s permanent home which can be found here: Part I: Minions & Actions.


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