L5R Articles on Strange Assembly

Before I started writing articles about VTES, I wrote several about the Legend of the Five Rings Collectable Card Game for a site called Strange Assembly under the name Mauziz (yup, it’s a mis-spelling of Muaziz, but it’s become my go-to screen name).  Although I had been playing the game for only a month or so, the game seemed like it had a real need for somebody to come in and take a close statistical look at how the tournament scene (called Kotei Season) was progressing.  Below are links to all the articles I wrote and a short description of each article:

2015 Kotei Attendance – A Historical Look

L5R has seen their tournament attendance dip rather dramatically in the last few years (which likely contributed to the recent selling of the property to Fantasy Flight Games), and I was curious just how big the decrease was.  This was an early examination of tournament attendance compared to previous years with an emphasis on comparing data from the same geographic region over time.


Kotei Clan Performance Update

At this point in the season, there seemed to be nobody keeping track of which clans were winning tournaments, so this was an early look at the 2015 Kotei Season and how each clan was performing.  Once this article was released, another author started doing weekly updates, so I stopped writing them.


Balance in the System, Part I

The beginning of a long three part series – this article discusses balance in general and what it means for a card game in specific.  It then goes into all the difficulties of measuring balance from a limited and imperfect data set (aka – tournament results).


Balance in the System, Part II

This second article examined the 2011 – 2014 Kotei Seasons to see how balanced the clans were during each year to see what effect rotating card sets had on the balance of the game as a whole.


Balance in the System, Part III

This final article returned to the 2015 Kotei Season, and examined how the mid-season release of a new set changed things.


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