Launching New Players’ Corner

Greetings Methuselahs!

So today I had planned on releasing the next article in my Demo Deck series, and I promise that I still will, but I wanted to change directions a little so that I could unveil what I’ve been working on lately.  So I recently reached out to the VEKN to see if they would be interesting in hosting a section for new players and received permission to start working on it.  I’m planning to build it here so that I can figure out how I want everything to work, and to solicit feedback, but eventually the section will migrate to the VEKN site, and I’ll take it down here.

Today I’d like to unveil the first part of my New Players’ Corner – namely an introduction to the game, followed by 8 questions that I plan to answer that should give new players all the information they need to get started.  Currently, two of those questions have completed answers (#4: Where can I acquire cards? and #5: What are some good beginner decks I can try?) and they have been included in the document.  I will add other sections as I complete them.  Any feedback you have on the structure or content of this page would be greatly appreciated!  You can get to the New Players’ Corner by clicking on the link at the top of my blog, or here.

As you can see from question 4: Where can I acquire cards? I plan to provide a (relatively) short answer on main page, as well as one or more links to longer articles that help address the question in more detail.  For question 4, I’ve also written a page that briefly describes every VTES set, rates them on how good they are for new players, provides links to the contents of the starter decks, and links to places where that set can be purchased.  It’s a bit long (guess I forgot how many sets there were!), but it’s also very comprehensive, and should provide new players with some valuable information.  Please leave feedback for this page as well!  You can get to this page either by following the link in the New Players’ Corner, or by clicking here.

Thanks again for all your input and feedback – together we can really create a fantastic introduction for players who are interested in the game!  And don’t worry about those demo decks, I’ll return to them next week!

Until next time, may you welcome a new player into the game,



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