Massive VTES Card Sorting

Greetings Methuselahs,

Sadly I haven’t had a lot of time to write about VTES this week, so there won’t be a full article.  Why, you ask?  Well mostly because I just acquired the collection of a former VTES player and my VTES time this week was sent meticulously sorting cards. Now I should mention that this was a collection that was generously donated to me after it had been thoroughly picked through by all the players at our annual January tournament weekend.  So while all the rares and exciting cards had been removed (and are hopefully making their way into local decks), there were still plenty of staple cards that I think could really benefit a new player.  But it’s hard to put together demo decks or send out packs of cards to new players if my inventory isn’t sorted.  Plus I’m a little OCD, and I like organizing things.  So yeah, free time this week was dedicated to taking an almost completely random set of cards and organizing them.

Library cards were separated by discipline or discipline-less card type, with cards in each category organized alphabetically.  Crypt cards are sorted according to their clan, then group, capacity, and finally alphabetically.  This means that the lowest capacity vampires from group 1 within a single clan come first, followed by all the rest of the group 1 vampires in increasing capacity followed by the smallest group 2 vampire, etc.  Yeah, it’s now super easy to find cards.  Anyway, after sorting all these cards, I just had to take a picture:

VTES Collection

The stack on the left (~45,000 cards) are those that I’ve set aside to give away to new players.  Plenty of staples in there!  Plenty of moderately expensive cards that I want new players to have access to.  The stack on the right (~20,000 cards) are the cards in my personal collection.  How many Enhanced Senses does one man need?  I’ve decided the answer is 20 (which is likely too high…), which means that all the rest have gone into the left stack.  Point is, I’ve got tons of cards just waiting to get into the hands of new players.  Check out this page for more information!

Before I go, I want to point you to two other resources.  First, I’ve finally finished my VTES Quick-Start guide, and I encourage you to read it over and to tell new players about it.  Second, there is a new and fantastic site called VTES Worldwide.  While you won’t find new content on this blog, you will find a great list of VTES articles there, as well as information about other VTES blogs (like this one) and the content that they are publishing.  It’s a great way to discover new VTES blogs, and to stay abreast with everything that is being written about our favorite game.  Go check it out!

Alright, I think that’s all for today, so join me next time as I dive into the world of outferior discipline and effects.  Until then, may your bleeds never be bounced, and all your votes pass!



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